Quick summary of About Me:

I never traveled until my 40’s. I’m a Realtor in West Virginia, as well as a wife, mom of 5, and grandma of 2.

Pet Peeves when Traveling:

Rude people and lines.

Best Travel Tip:

Highly recommend Sandeman Tours on your first day for every international city.

Why I travel:

I like exploring.

Favorite Place in the United States:

Gladwin County, Michigan….Family land.

Favorite Meal or Food Destination:

Favorite food place is Barcelona. Tapas and sangria are the best. I also like to explore food at small local places.

​What I love about travel:

I love to experience different cultures, see their architecture and history. It’s very different from what you read.

Favorite Place Outside the United States:

Dublin, Ireland and Barcelona, Spain