Quick summary of About Me:

Mom, yogi & biking fiend, and traveler extraordinaire. Wife of a really great human being. Podcast junkie.

Pet Peeves when Traveling:

Jet lag. Bad weather. Bad shoes

Best Travel Tip:

Go with the flow.

Why I travel:

1) Because if I don’t travel, I’d have terrible regrets about not doing so, and 2) Because travel reminds me of how we are all connected even though we may be from different parts of the world.

Favorite Place in the United States:

Key West, Florida

Favorite Meal or Food Destination:

1. Favorite meal – Croatia, at Marco Polo, where I was asked by the server to eat my mussels with my fingers and not the fork. Heaven.

​What I love about travel:

Having dinner with new friends from all over, feeling the amazement of walking into historical sites that are thousands of years old, and, of course, the FOOD.

Favorite Place Outside the United States:

Dubrovnik, Croatia