Quick summary of about Me:

I am a WV native and I love to travel with my friends and buddies. I grew up in a small town about an hour from DC and I am an entrepreneur, I like to work hard, and then really enjoy my time away visiting new places around the globe while creating FOMO with our friends that weren’t able to make the trip. There is nothing better than to experience new places while sharing belly laughs with your buddies!

Pet Peeves when Traveling:

Connecting airports that make you leave one terminal to get to your connecting flight, making you go through security again and causing possible huge delays in making that connection. Missed a flight to Madrid by less than 5 minutes because of this in Boston once.

Best Travel Tip:

Make sure you have the proper travel adapters for the country you are going to and have enough to cover items that may need to be plugged in at the same time.

Why I travel:

To experience all the world has to offer. Learn about other cultures and see history up close and personal.

Favorite Place in the United States:

Lots of favorites, but Key West is pretty cool!

Favorite Meal or Food Destination:

San Sebastian, Spain had incredible Tapas at nearly every place we stopped. Also, Catalonia food in Barcelona was top notch. Although, I have had some great food just about everywhere. We did a food tour in Prague that was also fabulous.

​What I love about travel:

The people you meet along the journey is the best! Of course, great food, and cool architecture doesn’t suck, either.

Favorite Place Outside the United States:

I love all the places I have been and cannot pick “a favorite”, but San Sebastian, Spain and Tromso, Norway rank really high.